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米乐M6官网-登录首页1、小我私家情况 Personal information 范文Dear Mr. Smith,I'm Li Hua, a student from Hongxing Middle School. I'm writing to apply for the position of volunteer you advertised on China Daily.My experience has made me a qualified volunteer for your act...
本文摘要:1、小我私家情况 Personal information 范文Dear Mr. Smith,I'm Li Hua, a student from Hongxing Middle School. I'm writing to apply for the position of volunteer you advertised on China Daily.My experience has made me a qualified volunteer for your act


1、小我私家情况 Personal information 范文Dear Mr. Smith,I'm Li Hua, a student from Hongxing Middle School. I'm writing to apply for the position of volunteer you advertised on China Daily.My experience has made me a qualified volunteer for your activity. First, I'm not only fluent in English but also have a good sense of cross-cultural communication, which enables me to provide a good service. Second, I am familiar with the history of the ancient Silk Road and know many stories about it. Third, as an outgoing member of the Students' Union, I have gained much experience in organizing social activities. In a word, I think I wouldn't let you down if I were given this opportunity. Looking forward to your early reply.Best wishes.Yours, Li Hua亲爱的史女士先生,我叫李华,是红星中学的学生。我写信是想应聘你们之前刊登在《中国日报》上提到的志愿者职位。



祝好!你的朋侪:李华2、家庭、朋侪与周围的人 Family,friends and people around 范文Dear Peter,I'm Li Hua. Learning that you want to learn Mandarin and are in search of a teacher, I'd like to recommend my friend Li Ming to you.Li Ming is a 20-year-old young man who studies in Zhejiang University, majoring in Chinese.Not only can he speak Standard Mandarin, but also he is able to speak fluent English. Having been the winner of both English and Chinese speech contests several times, he was awarded the Image Ambassador of his university. So with a good command of English, he surely has no difficulty in communicating with you. And when knowing that you want someone to help you with Mandarin, he is quite willing to offer help.I would appreciate it if you could take my recommendation into consideration. Yours truly,Li Hua亲爱的彼得,我是李华。得知你想学中文,正在找老师,我想向你推荐我的朋侪李明。李明是一个 20 岁的年轻人,在浙江大学学习中文。


如果你需要的话,他会很乐意帮你的。如果您能思量我的建议,我将不胜感谢。你的朋侪:李华3、周围的情况 Personal environments 范文Dear Sir or Madam, I'm Li Hua, an exchange student from China. Having learned that you're looking for volunteers to monitor the water quality of the river, I'd like to be one of them. In my hometown, my family have lived on a river for decades. I know how important the river is to people. The river to us is what milk to a baby. That is why I'm willing to join you in helping protect the river from being polluted through monitoring its water quality. I promise I will spare no effort to do the job and do it well.I would appreciate it if you could offer me the opportunity to do something for us all. Looking forward to your early reply. Yours sincerely,Li Hua尊敬的先生或女士:我是李华,一名来自中国的交流生。



如果您能给我时机,让我为大家做点什么,我将不胜感谢。期待您早日回复。你的朋侪:李华 4、日常运动 Daily routines 范文Dear Peter,I'm glad that you will come to study in our school as an exchange student. You want to learn about our daily life in school. I'd like to take Monday for example.As boarding school students, we get up at 5:40 am, doing morning running and reading until 7:00 am. Four classes, Chinese, Maths, Physics and English, are arranged from 7:40 to 12:00. There are three classes lasting from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm. School is over at 5:00 pm, which is the time to throw ourselves into the after-school activities, like doing sports or reading in the library. At night, having finished our homework, we will stay in the dormitory, sweeping, washing clothes and chatting. Then, we'll go to bed before 10:00 pm.Though we are busy, we feel fulfilled at school every day. Yours truly,Li Hua亲爱的彼得,我很兴奋你作为交流生来我们学校学习,在这里我就以星期一为例,让你相识一下我们在学校的日常生活。

作为投止学校的学生,我们早上 5 点 40 起床,开始晨跑和早读,一直到早上 7 点。语文、数学、物理和英语四节课摆设在 7:40 到 12:00。下午 14:00 到 17:00 有三节课。下午 17:00 放学,之后就到了我们课外运动的时间,如做运动或在图书馆阅读。

晚上,做完作业,我们会呆在宿舍、扫地、洗衣服、谈天。然后,我们在晚上 10 点前睡觉。

虽然我们很忙,但我们天天都很富足。你的朋侪:李华 5、学校生活 School life 范文Today, a high school delegation from the UK came to our school to have a cultural exchange activity, which offered us a good opportunity to learn more about each other. At first, we showed the delegation around our cultural corridor where pictures and art works about Chinese and English culture were exhibited. Then a cultural lecture was held at the lecture hall, during which students from both countries introduced the development of their own culture. Finally, the art performance that represented Chinese and English culture turned out to be the highlight of the activity.Through the cultural exchange activity, we have enhanced the understanding of different cultures and promoted the friendship between the two schools.今天,一个来自英国的高中代表团来到我们学校举行文化交流运动,这给了我们一个很好的时机去相识相互。首先,我们领导代表团观光了我们的文化走廊,那里展出了中国和英国文化的图片和艺术作品。随后在陈诉厅举行了一场文化讲座,来自两国的学生先容了各自文化的生长。

最后,代表中、英两国文化的艺术演出成为运动的亮点。通过文化交流运动,我们增进了对差别文化的相识,增进了两校之间的友谊。6、兴趣与喜好 Interests and hobbies 范文Dear Peter, How are you doing? Knowing that you are interested in astronomy, I'm writing to invite you to attend a lecture on astronomy given by Mr Green, a professor in a famous university.The three hour lecture will start at 8:30 am on Thursday next week in the lecture hall. Mr Green will not only talk about how life began on the Earth, but also introduce some great astronomers as well as the great achievements they have made. In addition, there will be a question-and-answer period when we can ask Mr Green any questions about astronomy. I believe we can learn more about astronomy from the lecture. Looking forward to your coming.Yours sincerely,Li Hua亲爱的彼得,你好吗?得知你对天文学感兴趣,我写信是想邀请你去听一位著名大学教授格林先生关于天文学的讲座。

讲座将于下周四上午 8:30 在陈诉厅开始,连续三小时。格林先生不仅会讲述地球上生命是如何开始的,而且还将先容一些伟大的天文学家以及他们所取得的伟大成就。此外,另有一个问答环节,我们可以向格林先生提问任何有关天文学的问题。


你的朋侪:李华 7、小我私家情感 Emotions 范文Hi, Painful,The problem you are facing is quite common among us teenagers. As a student of your age, I quite understand you, and I have some advice for you.Firstly, you should understand that your parents care about you. They often compare you with others perhaps because they want to let you be aware of your disadvantages and help you become better. If you don't like it, you can tell them about your feeling, saying that you feel stressed out. Secondly, you can tell them that you have the confidence to improve yourself in some areas. And meanwhile, let them know that you want to be yourself. I believe your parents can understand you and make some changes.Hope what I said above can be of some help to you. Yours, Li Hua嗨,痛苦,你所面临的问题在青少年中很普遍。作为同为这个年事的学生,我很明白你并有一些建议给你。首先,你应该明确,你的怙恃体贴你,经常拿你和别人比力,也许是因为他们想让你意识到自己的缺点,资助你变得更好。



你的朋侪:李华8、人际关系 Pinterpersonal relationships 范文Dear Mike,I quite sympathize with you and understand how you feel. To help you save your friendship, here is my advice. To begin with, having been friends with him for so many years, you should trust him. Maybe something happened to him or his family. He probably doesn't want you to get involved in it. So it may be a good idea to give him some time to be alone. Finally, you can ask another friend to help find out the reason, which is the key to solving the problem. I hope these suggestions are helpful and that you and Tom are on good terms as before. Yours truly,Li Hua 亲爱的迈克,我很同情你,也明白你的感受。为了资助你挽救你的友谊,下面有几个建议。首先,和他做了这么多年的朋侪,你应该相信他。


最后,问题的关键是,你可以请另一个朋侪帮助找出原因。我希望这些建议对你有资助,希望你和汤姆像以前一样相处得很好。你的朋侪:李华9、计划与愿望 Plans and intentions 范文Dear Alex,I'm glad to learn from your letter that you're going to pay a visit to Beijing recently.I'd like to be your guide and give my suggestions for your two-day trip here.On the morning of the first day, I suggest we climb the Great Wall, which is famous all over the world. After lunch, we can enjoy the Bird's Nest and the Water Cubic where the 2008 Olympics was held. Next day, I recommend we go sightseeing in the Peking University and Tsinghua University, the two most noted universities in China. We'd better visit the Forbidden City in the afternoon, so you can appreciate the splendid royal palace.I'd be happy if my suggestions are helpful to you. And I'm looking forward to your coming.Yours sincerely,Li Hua 亲爱的亚历克斯,我很兴奋从你的信中得知你最近要来北京会见。

我愿意做你的向导,给你两天的旅行提些建议。在第一天的早上,我建议去爬世界著名的长城。午餐后,我们可以浏览 2008 举行奥运会的鸟巢和水立方。第二天,我推荐去观光中国最著名的两所大学——北京大学和清华大学。

下午最好去观光故宫,这样你就能浏览到华丽堂皇的皇宫了。如果我的建议对你有资助,我会很兴奋。期待着你的到来。你的朋侪:李华10、节沐日运动 Festival,holidays and celebrations 范文Dear Peter,With Chinese New Year drawing near, I'd like to invite you to celebrate it at my home.Chinese New Year is regarded as one of the most important festivals in my country. On the New Year's Eve, families and relatives will gather together to have a big dinner. When it comes to the reunion dinner, people often think of dumplings. But actually, the reunion dinner is usually served with abundant foods, such as fish, chicken, beef aswell as many other dishes. Some foods can have special meanings expressing people's good wishes for the coming new year. All my family will be excited about your coming. I'm sure you'll have a good time with us.Looking forward to your coming.Yours truly,Li Hua 亲爱的彼得,随着中国新年的邻近,我想邀请你来我家庆祝。



你的朋侪:李华11、购物 Shopping 范文Dear Mr.Wang,Knowing that our library is going to buy books,I'd like to offer some suggestions.What we need most are popular science books.Usually popular science books explain basic principles of nature in a simple and interesting way.They help us understand science subjects better and arouse our curiosity about scientific discoveries.In addition to reading for knowledge,we read for fun and inspiration.That is why I recommend another category of books:literary books.Classic works,written by masters,present great thoughts through fascinat ing language and stories.They not only offer us joy and excitement,but also encourage us to think critically.I'll be glad if you can consider my recommendations.Yours sincerely,Li Hua亲爱的王先生,知道我们图书馆将要新购一批书籍,我想对此提出一些建议。我们最需要的是科普书。科普书籍一般以简朴有趣的方式解释自然的基本原理,能资助我们更好地明白科学,引发我们对科学的好奇心。除了为知识而阅读,我们还为了兴趣和灵感而阅读。


它们不仅给我们带来欢喜,而且勉励我们批判性思考。如果您能思量我的建议,我会很兴奋。你的朋侪:李华12、饮食 Food and drink 范文Welcome to “Mum's Restaurant”. We are making every effort to offer you various dishes, which are perfect in color, aroma and taste. The dishes we prepare are not only delicious, but also rich in nutrition.For the vegetables we buy on the market are planted on the organic farm and the meat is also fresh, which guarantees the quality of the dishes. In particular, we don't use any nonfood additives. What's more, recently we promote some special dishes and you will be given a 15 percent discount on them. We promise that you have never had such delicious dishes before. Come and try, and you will not regret!接待惠临“妈妈餐厅”。



特别是,我们不使用任何非食品添加剂。更重要的是,最近我们推出了一些特此外菜,会有 15% 的折扣。我们保证你从来没有吃过这么鲜味的菜。

来试试吧,你不会忏悔的! 13、康健 Health 范文Nowadays, many students go to school without having breakfast. Some of them buy the fried food served by the small food stalls at the school gate, which will do harm to their health in the long run. In order to solve this problem, our school works out a healthy breakfast plan together with the students' parents. Every morning from now on, our school canteen provides students with different kinds of healthy food. This plan guarantees that every student can have breakfast in time. On behalf of the Students'Union, I call on every student to have healthy breakfast regularly, so as to benefit your health as well as your study.现在有许多学生不吃早餐就去上学;另有一些人在学校门口的小吃摊上买油炸食品,这从久远来对他们的康健有害。为相识决这个问题,我们学校和学生的怙恃一起制定了一个康健的早餐计划。从现在开始,我们学校食堂天天早上都市为学生提供种种各样的康健食品。这个计划保证每个学生都能定时吃早餐。

我代表学生会,呼吁每个学生定期吃康健的早餐,这样有利于你的康健和学习。14、天气 Weather 范文Dear Albert,I'm glad to know that you're planning to visit our city and now I'd like to tell you something about it.Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province, is located at the western edge of the Sichuan Basin and the climate here is pleasant all year round. With abundant natural resources, it is the birthplace of Sichuan cuisine, in which the Sichuan pepper is the most unique and important spice. Besides, there are many tourist attractions worth visiting. For example, the Dujiangyan, an irrigation system constructed by the State of Qin, contributes to the agricultural development of Chengdu. In addition, Chengdu is home to giant pandas and I'm sure you will fall in love with them.Looking forward to your coming.Yours,Li Hua亲爱的艾伯特,我很兴奋知道你计划观光我的家乡,现在我想告诉你一些关于它的事情。成都,是四川省的省会都会,位于四川盆地的西部边缘,这里终年气候宜人,自然资源富厚。



你的朋侪:李华15、文娱与体育 Entertainment and sports 范文Dear Jay,How is everything going? Knowing that you are also a fan of Jay Chou, I would like to invite you to go to his concert in our city on Thursday night.Jay Chou is a famous Chinese pop singer, whose Blue and White Porcelain is one of my favorite songs. I recommended it to you before, and you said you liked it. Besides, you said you also liked his unique voice. I believe the concert will be a perfect chance to enjoy his music and know more about him.I wonder if it will be convenient for you to meet me at the school gate at six p.m. this Thursday. I would appreciate it if you could go with me together.Yours sincerely,Li Hua 亲爱的杰,一切都好吗?知道你也是周杰伦的粉丝,我想邀请你周四晚上去我们都会听他的演唱会。周杰伦是中国著名的盛行歌手,他的《青花瓷》是我最喜欢的歌曲之一。我以前向你推荐过,你说你喜欢。另外,你说你也喜欢他奇特的声音。


如果你能和我一起去,我会很感谢。你的朋侪:李华16、旅游与交通 Travel and transport 范文Dear Tom, Believe it or not, now I'm writing to share my traveling experience in Guilin with you. It's in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, China, famous for its mountains and waters. I have been here for five days, during which time not only did I enjoy the fascinating scenery like the magical terraces, unique mountains and clear rivers, but also I tried the traditional weaving of Zhuang people. What impressed me most was the spectacular folk-song-singing competition on the Lijiang River, which attracted thousands of visitors and locals.Guilin enjoys a world-wide reputation for its beautiful scenery, so it's well worth visiting. I dare say a foreigner failing to Guilin hasn't really been to China. I strongly recommend you visit it after finishing your study. Yours truly,Jack 亲爱的汤姆,信不信由你,现在我要和你分享我在桂林的旅行履历。它位于中国广西壮族自治区,以山水闻名。


我敢说,没去过桂林的外国人就没有真正去过中国。我强烈建议你完成学业后去观光。你的朋侪:李华17、语言学习 Language learning 范文Dear Mr. Smith,I'm writing to invite you to be the judge of the coming English film dubbing competition in our school.To inspire us to learn English and improve our speaking ability, an English film dubbing competition is to be held at two o'clock this Friday afternoon in the school hall. Competitors will show their talents for imitation and the exact understanding of the characters in the film. You've been the judge of such competitions for several times and have much experience. So we would be honored to have you with us in the competition. Please drop me a line to let me know your decision.We're looking forward to your coming. Yours, Li Hua亲爱的史女士先生,我写信是想邀请你担任我们学校即将举行的英语影戏配音角逐的评委。


请写信告诉我你的决议。期待着你的到来。你的朋侪:李华 18、自然 Nature 范文Hello, everyone,I'm honored to show you around Dujiangyan tomorrow. To help you have a knowledge of it, I'd like to make a brief introduction to it.Dujiangyan, with a long history of over 2000 years, is an ancient irrigation system situated in the Chengdu Plain, Sichuan Province. Once the plain was often flooded by the Min River which rushed down from the Min mountains. Therefore, Li Bing, one of the governors for the state of Qin, together with his son, headed the construction of the irrigation system, Dujiangyan. It not only acts as a way to prevent flood and irrigate the crops but also a kind of transportation. Now it's listed as a World Heritage Site as well as a AAAAA tourist attraction. Meanwhile, it's the oldest irrigation system in the world that is still in use today. I bet that your visiting it in person will leave you a wonderful impression.Yours, Li Hua大家好,我很荣幸明天带你们观光都江堰。

为了资助你们相识它,我想在这里做一个简朴的先容。都江堰位于四川省成都市平原,是一个有着 2000 多年悠久历史的古老浇灌系统。


它不仅是一种防止洪水和浇灌农作物的方法,也是一种交通工具。现在它被列为世界文化遗产和 AAAAA 级旅游景点。同时,它是世界上至今仍在使用的最古老的浇灌系统。

我相信你们观光后,一定会有个优美的印象。你的朋侪:李华19、世界与情况 The world and environment 范文Hello, Tom,How are you doing? I'm honored to be invited to my foreign teacher's this weekend. Invited to pay a visit to a foreigner for the first time, I'm worried that some of my manners may appear impolite in her eyes due to cultural difference. So I'm asking for your advice.Would you please tell me some rules of etiquette needed to obey? As a student of hers, I think it's good manners to bring a gift for her. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me what kind of present I should take. Additionally, do you think it's necessary for me to dress up for the visit?Under your guidance, I believe I will have a good time. Looking forward to your early reply. Yours truly,Li Hua你好,汤姆,最近好吗?我很荣幸这个周末被邀请到自己外教家做客。



期待你早日回复。你的朋侪:李华20、科普知识与现代技术 Popular science and modern technology 范文Science and Technology Influence LifeAs we can see, science and technology have been deeply influencing our life. Take our school for example.Now there are several HD-cameras monitoring the whole campus in case of emergency or school bullying. At meal time, we can watch TV news in the dinning hall, learning the latest international and domestic events. Not only can our teachers use multimedia equipment to make their classes more lively, but also they can mark papers on the computer, which greatly improves the efficiency of paper-scoring.Additionally, we can do many things conveniently, such as paying by Alipay, getting food by card, going to school by shared bike and so on. In a word, it is the development of science and technology that makes such a comfortable and convenient life available to us.科学技术影响生活正如我们所看到的,科学技术已经深深地影响了我们的生活。

以我们学校为例:现在有几个 HD-camera 监控整个校园,以防发生紧迫情况或校园欺凌事件。用饭的时候,我们可以在餐厅里看电视新闻,学习最新的国际和海内事件。

我们的老师不仅可以使用多媒体设备让课堂重生动,而且可以在电脑上修正作业,这也大大提高了事情效率。此外,我们做事情也变得利便,如支付宝支付、用校园卡购置食物、骑自行车上学等等。总而言之,正是科技的生长使我们能够拥有如此舒适、利便的生活。21、热点话题 Topical issues范文Hello, Steven,Knowing that you are a true fan of Wu Jing, I'd like to invite you to join me in watching a movie starred by him. His latest film Wolf Warriors 2 will be on at Guangming Cinema on October 27, 2017. The action movie tells the story of a military man named Leng Feng. He was dismissed by his troops. Then he was determined to spend the rest of his life wandering on the sea. However, by accident, he got involved in a war in Africa. The action scenes in Wolf Warriors 2 are said to be more thrilling than those in Wolf Warriors and I bet it will be a visual feast for the audience. Hoping you can enjoy it with me and looking forward to your early reply.Yours truly,Li Hua 你好,史蒂文,我知道你是吴京的忠实粉丝,所以想邀请你一起看一部吴京主演的影戏。

他的最新影戏《战狼 2》将于 2017 年 10 月 27 日在灼烁影院上映。这部行动片讲述了一个叫冷峰的武士的故事。

他被队伍开除了。于是,他刻意在海上漂泊,渡过余生。然而,一次偶然的时机,他卷入了非洲的一场战争。听说《战狼 2》的行动局面比《战狼》更刺激,我敢赌钱这将是一场视觉盛宴。

希望你能和我一起去看,期待你早日回复。你的朋侪:李华22、历史与地理 History and geography 范文Hello everyone,I'm Li Hua, a student from Class One, Senior Three. It's my honor to be here to talk about protecting cultural relics. As is known to us all, cultural relics are treasures that our ancestors created for the whole nation. They are meaningful and valuable to all of us. Once destroyed, they will never come back. Therefore, it's our responsibility to protect them. What should we do to protect cultural relics? On the one hand, I think we should improve people's awareness of protecting them, letting them know that destroying cultural relics means destroying our culture. On the other hand, every one of us should live by a principle that by no means will we sell or buy cultural relics.In a word, let's make efforts to protect cultural relics together. That's all. Thanks for listening!大家好,我叫李华,是高三一班的学生。我很荣幸在这里和大家讨论掩护文物。众所周知,文物是我们的祖先为整个国家缔造的财富。


另一方面,我们每小我私家都应该本着这样的原则生活:我们绝不出售或购置文物。总之,让我们一起努力掩护文物。谢谢聆听! 23、社会 Society 范文Dear Bruce,I'm glad to hear from you. It's true that people in my hometown have become richer than ever before through the development of modern agriculture and I'd like to share their recipe with you. To be honest, my hometown used to be very poor. In response to the government's policy to enrich people, we have grown organic vegetables and fruit, which are sold throughout our country with the help of the Internet. Actually, what benefits us most is the ecotourism that we have developed to attract visitors to experience the joy of the harvest. Additionally, we also raise fish, goats, pigs and cattle with vegetables, whose meat is more delicious and better sold than those fed with fodder. Looking forward to your coming one day.Yours sincerely,Li Hua亲爱的布鲁斯,很兴奋收到你的来信。



你的朋侪:李华 24、文学与艺术 Literature and art 范文Dear Tom, Learning that you are interested in Chinese folk art, especially the weaving art, I'm glad to tell you something about it. The weaving art, dating back to over 1,000 years, is one of the Chinese native arts passed down by craftsmen from one generation to the next. Since the weaving art is popular among common people, the weaving materials are mainly from nature. Bamboos, silk threads, or some other vine plants are usually used to make chairs, pack baskets, curtains, baskets, decorations and so on.Chinese knotting is generally regarded as one of the most outstanding decorations of the weaving art. The reason is that it's not only a beautiful decoration with various shapes, it also symbolizes good luck and prosperity.Here is a book on Chinese weaving art for you. I hope the book can help you know more about it.Yours truly,Li Hua 亲爱的汤姆,得知你对中国民间艺术,尤其是编织艺术感兴趣,我很乐意给你先容一下。织造艺术是中国传统手工艺人代代相传的艺术,已有一千多年的历史。